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Car rental from Naniko - Best Rates at Orly Airport, Paris

Heading into an exciting trip, on vacation or for business reasons, we desire to obtain the most out of stay in the French capital.

Ordering service of auto hire from the airport Orly by Naniko all your goals will be achieved with ease.

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Orly airport was opened in 1932, occupied by German troops during the War, was consequently injured by bombardment. After the warfare, the US Air Force rebuilt airport. Then followed a period of rapid growth, and the need to open a new airport, but instead of this, Orly still plays an important role in air traffic.

Orly is located 14 km far from Paris and contains two terminals connected by shuttle. Also train connection between airport and metro system in Paris. The bus point is obtainable by free shuttle or car.

Leaving the motorway A6 from Orleans Bridge and Port-de-Gentilly and follow the instructions on the "Airport d'Orly" to the A106. The journey takes about 20-45 minutes, according to traffic.

Two hotels are available nearby, which can also be reached by a gratis shuttle.

A number of bars and restaurants offered in both terminals and an abundance of shops. The airport also has a VIP-room, offices and a business center with telephone, fax, copiers and the Internet.

Services for passengers with disabilities

If the car is marked with a sign of disabled person, you can get to the point of checking in - landing between terminals B, C at Orly South.

Parking is available for a discount of 50%. In addition, dedicated parking spaces provided.

G7 offers special taxi service, who live in Paris or Ile-de-France.


On 6 November 2006 the new regulations operate the carriage of liquids in hand bags.
Encouraged to be at the airport to register in advance of departure time of flight. Registration closes 30 minutes before departure.
Never need to take an unfamiliar suitcases, and in the case of suspicious baggage, to inform the airport staff.

Lift your good start to Orly airport on car hire from Naniko!