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Car rental from Naniko - at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris

Rent a car in the Paris airport and having your auto will help immeasurably to spend a holiday in the French capital and its fabulous surroundings.

Just a few minutes after landing, you will appear behind the wheel of your car and achieve the center, start visiting countless places of interest.

Allow yourself the freedom of movement and a perfect vacation on auto hired from Naniko in Roissy Airport of Paris.

  • When booking online you will receive a reservation number or voucher. This confirmation with detailed information about the car, reserved for you.
  • You get usually vehicle with a full tank and unlimited mileage. When returning the level of fuel should be the same.
  • Winter tires are provided in the kit. But if necessary, the safety chains must specify in the additional services.
  • Provided rental rates already with taxes and car insurance
  • When making an application, specify the desired delivery location of the vehicle


Airport Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle is approximately 20 km far from the city, and has easy access to the A1 motorway. This is the main airport of the capital. There are different ways to get to the core of Paris. Or the most comfortable - Car Rentals.

With the rapid growth of passenger air transport, government authorities decided in 1962 to create a new airport infrastructure. Subsequent development has progressed according the traffic every five years.

Inspired by the architecture of the seventies, the terminals 1 and 2 were to take a very contemporary and innovative style for that time.

Terminal 1 can be compared with an octopus with a central circular element around which the satellites are located, which makes landing aircraft.

Designed as the first by Paul Andreu, Terminal 2 was opened in 1982 and adopted the philosophy of modular terminal.

Terminal 2E for non-Schengen flights, was opened in 2003 and 2F - for Schengen flights also include two satellite S3 (2008) and S4 (2012). Terminal 2G, confirmed for regional companies, was opened in 2008.

Two buses run regularly between the airport and the city center and the journey takes 45-60 minutes.

Competence and professionalism of Naniko car rental in your full disposition at the airport Paris Charles de Gaulle!