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Car rental with unlimited mileage from Kutaisi airport! All inclusive prices from Naniko

With increasing touristic interest in the region of Imereti, areas of ancient kingdom of Colchis, impressive monuments of culture and architecture of the Christianity city of Kutaisi, does the need for related services.

In particular rent a car at the airport in Kutaisi, proposed by Naniko - the best option to continue the path.

We offer vehicles for any kind of travel, both private individuals and corporate.

  • Hire from one day for any period
  • Long-term lease with option to purchase.
  • All that is required for a car pick up - a passport and driver's license.
  • Delivery of the ordered car to any address.
  • Vehicles are provided to customers in perfect purity and with a fill up fuel tank and must be bring back in the equal state;
  • Possibility of lease with a local driver from the company
  • Additional equipment on request: child seats, navigator, bike holders, etc.


International Airport Kutaisi - Kopitnari

Located 14 kilometers from the city airport is part of the three international airports in Georgia. It’s named in honor of the great King David the Builder. Over the last period, there were carried out radical reconstruction and modernization, and in 2012, marked the beginning of life reborn of ultramodern airport.

The new structure of the airport is a very special structure and from a certain point of view, is a kind of masterpiece of architecture.
The terminal has about four thousand square meters, where the arrival hall, registration counter, waiting room, shops, a bar and a small outside garden for relaxing.

The simplicity and originality of the structure of the terminal is amazing; having the form of a transparent umbrella, functioning as a circle for the flow of passengers.

  • Observation tower height of 55 meters and a total area of 300 m².

With Kopitnari Airport provide international flights to Europe and flights on local areas.
Your exciting journey originates here in Kutaisi airport with car rental Naniko!

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