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Rent a car in Batumi - with Naniko - Best Price Guarantee

The perfect trip - is the one that you will implement according to the optimally planned system! A major point of this plan, as shown by the years of experience of many tourists - is the availability of convenient and desirable auto in rent.

For the fulfilment of reservations of car rental from Naniko in Batumi, you must:

  • Achieve of 21 years and have leastways two years of the driving practice.
  • Passport Copy, if the documents are sent by email in advance, and the original for presentation at the time of pickup.
  • The driving license - requires original one when driving, as well as in the case of non-Latin alphabet, you need translation or international standard.
  • The corresponding amount for the deposit and payment of services.
  • What are the conditions regarding the availability of fuel in the car when renting?

As a rule, we offer our clients a full tank condition, which means you get a car with a full tank and must be returned similarly.

Batumi - the Fashion resort of the Black Sea

In recent years, Batumi turned to very popular place to stay in the Caucasus, for people looking for an extraordinary vacation. The nightlife here is just crazy exciting, and that’s a reason why many really cannot enjoy enough of this city. Here you can find many famous names of international DJs, especially in the popular beach clubs in the first line. It hosts an unforgettable party on the beach with locals and tourists from different counties.
Among the main attractions that will surely enthrall:

  • Lake Nurigeli
  • Old Mosque
  • Black Sea - enjoy, swaying on the waves, and at the same time observing the port and the beach
  • SeaWorld, which the locals call the Dolphinarium
  • Armenian churches, Orthodox and Catholic
  • Remnants of the fortress Gonio
  • And with the comforts of your car rental, you freely get up to Sarpi - the border with Turkey.
  • Batumi Botanical Garden with a wonderful collection of exotic plants.
  • Batumi beaches are the places which no one will leave without attention strolling along the boulevard, they really fascinate you.

Throughout the day, young people and families spend their time on the Boulevard, and it favorite place where couples appoint each other for romantic dating.

You can easily visit Batumi by car renting from Naniko and get the best experience of your trip.

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