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Car Rental in Georgia - at the lowest prices from Naniko

Travel lovers or just admirers of good stay for sure have traveled a lot of beautiful and exotic places in the world, and as no one else know the value of a well-organized trip.
What does this mean?
In addition to many small nuances that one way or another, are regulated in the course, there are important details that require proper planning. These include and provide a necessary and appropriate means of transportation during the trip.

Selecting a car hire, consistent with the aims of your trip is not easy and requires time, effort, and sometimes patience.

But why bother yourself by many hours wandering through the network, if you have already found, a company that will offer you everything that you need from the auto rental in your trip destination - Georgia!

  • Our rates usually include:
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Value-added tax
  • Insurance of vehicle damage, theft
  • Insurance of third party liability

And also:

  • We have 24-hour availability for you
  • Trouble on the Road - Our technical team rushes to your aid
  • Any question - our operator at your service!


Why do you need to visit Georgia?

Because this small country houses the intriguing story, rich in diversity and amazing natural landscape and the pride and generosity of its people.

If you ask for, list all on what other grounds for any traveler would like to choose the destination of Georgia, the list will very large, so let’s try to specify only the most important ones:

  • Georgians love their guests
  • Here you can taste the wine, the best in the world!
  • Optimal cuisine, restaurants with excellent service and with unrealistically low prices
  • Georgians love to eat in the company, and the Georgian toast warm heart
  • In the city, at almost every step there is a currency exchange and ATMs, so you will have no problems in getting cash.
  • The Georgian alphabet is mysterious and enigmatic with their rounded shapes
  • Peaks of the Caucasus Mountains in fact unique
  • Have you ever seen a city on the coast of the river is as beautiful as Tbilisi?
  • Here is David Gareja Vardzija, Gergeti...
  • In Dmanisi found the first settlers in Europe, there are 1.7 million years old.
  • Here you can see the ancient Colchis, where Jason with the Argonauts sought the Golden Fleece
  • And yet, there is a village Ushguli at 2400 meters high, the highest inhabited point in Europe!

Well, maybe just a list! But the above is enough to spark interest and irresistible desire to visit Georgia!

Guarantee a high level of service of car rental makes Naniko exactly the right one especially for your exotic travel to Georgia! 

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