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Rent a car from Naniko - low cost - Kutaisi, Georgia

Find a reliable car rental company in Kutaisi has never been as easy as with Through improved online booking system, in practice, in a few steps you will receive a guaranteed rental service in the right place at the needed time.

Whether you are looking for an auto for business or pleasure, for a day trip or a longer time, alone or with your family - a car hire from Naniko in your service at the airport Kutaisi.

Our low prices include:

  • All local taxes and auto insurance package
  • Consultations mobile operator at any time
  • Technical assistance in the case of traffic problems

In addition, we offer additional accessories for your search:

  • Winter tires and safety chain
  • Child seats by age and weight
  • Holders for bikes, skis and luggage basket
  • Navigators of the latest models.

Kutaisi - the oldest city in the world.

According to Greek mythology, you can safely say that the first tourists visited Georgia of nowadays and the ancient Colchis was Argonauts, courageous travelers, who came to this land in search of the mysterious Golden Fleece.
Today, a visit to Kutaisi, the center of ancient Colchis and intended place of the king Ayete, really exciting event.
Here every corner turns our thoughts to the mythical figure of Medea, who opened the secret fleece to Jason or Prometheus, tied to a rock in the heart of Caucasus .
Here you can see the cave of Prometheus and Sataplia affecting the eyes of tourists and even dinosaur footprints marked on the volcanic rocks.
What to see:

  • Kutaisi - the chief town of region, and the second by its dimensions city in Georgia, is recognized as  the most old-world citiy in the world.
  • Bagrat Cathedral: Built in 1003, by King Bagrat III, who united two parts of Georgia.
  • Gelati Monastery, founded by King David the Builder in 1106 as a center of Christian culture and the Platonic Academy. At the monastery are Church of the Nativity and two small churches of St. Nicholas and St. George.
  • Motsameta church of the XI century, dedicated to the memory of the martyred brothers, stands high on a mountain and offers visitors the idyllic views. In accordance with the legend of locals to fulfill a dream, you need to approach the tomb of two martyrs and ask for your dream.

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