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Rent a car from Naniko - in the Georgian capital Tbilisi

So, going on vacation or on business in Tbilisi! City so special, that one of his name already warms the soul!
And without a doubt, this extraordinary trip should not overshadow anything as expectations of public transport, or just tiredness of walking movements.
Provide yourself by a free choice and the possibility of combining hiking with the comfort of the car.

Namely, car hire from Naniko - what you need for your trip to Tbilisi.

  • Best prices without any extra charge
  • Save time and enjoy the comfort.

What to do:

  • Determine the place of spick up of your car in the city, at the airport or any other desired point
  • Select the type of vehicle - the economic, sedan, SUV, utilitarian
  • Mechanisms of control - automatic or manual transmission.
  • And just to confirm your selection.

Snazzy Tbilisi

The capital, rising on the river Mtkvari between the Caspian and the Black Sea, was founded in fifth century, and since gaining more political, military and commercial importance.
After passing through the hands of the Persians and the Turks, having been part of the Russian Empire, and after passing through the woes of the Soviet era, the city became an important center in the Caucasus region. It is currently a multi-ethnic and multi-religious city, it merge traditions of East and West.

Tbilisi gives you the opportunity to visit various monuments:

  • Anchishati sixth century basilica, the oldest church in the capital, which owes its name to the icon of the Savior;
  • Metekhi Church of 1200, before which the equestrian statue of the king - the patriarch of the city.
  • The old quartieres, towering above the river, with old wooden houses;
  • Narikhala fortress, the oldest in the city and dominates the historic center
  • Sioni Cathedral, one of the holiest places in the country,
  • State Art Museum, with a collection of jewels appurtenant to the pre-Christian era.
  • Interesting to walk along Rustaveli Avenue: see the lovely Opera House, Parliament House, Russian governors Palace and, of course, have fun in the many shops, bars and cafes.
  • You can visit the thermal baths in fantastic historical buildings
  • The center of Tbilisi has been completely restored and delicious
  • Nightlife Tbilisi, boils and gushing of energy!

City, which heating your soul and rent a car from Naniko - charge you by energy for the whole year!

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