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Car rental from Naniko - Berlin Schoenefeld Airport

Possibility to rent a car in major German cities and airports gives the easiest and most convenient way to travel around the country at economical prices!

Company Naniko with advanced services and incredibly low prices is pleased to offer you its service of auto hire at the airport Schoenefeld Berlin.

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Now in the progress of executing the project construction of a huge new airport, which will replace both Tegel and Schönefeld.
The new hub Berlin-Brandenburg will be completed in 2015 and will act as the largest and most modern airport in Europe!

The new airport will offer to business travelers, tourists and companies the high-tech airport with connections, international flights, with direct access from the highway and the railway station to the main terminal. It will take just 20 minutes by taxi to overpower 20 kilometers from the center of Berlin.
Centralization of all air movement in one main structure significantly optimizes the management and performance of the airport of Berlin.
In addition, the Berlin-Brandenburg district will improve the lives of residents. Closing Tegel area residents will no longer be disturbed by the noise of aircraft.

Flughafen Berlin- Schönefeld Airport, part of three airports in Berlin and is located about 24 km south-east of the center, on the border between Berlin and Brandenburg.

Today, with more than 6 million passengers - is the second airport of the city.
The project to expand, which is in the process of implementation involves the closure of airports Tegel and Tempelhof to improve the efficiency of the airport of the German capital, and the change of its name to the Flughafen Berlin-Brandenburg International.
Berlin Schoenefeld offers a variety of facilities to meet the needs of its passengers.
Meetingpoint is on the first floor of Terminal A.
Internet access is provided at the airport in Berlin's WiFi network available at the terminals A, B and D.

Here are provided special parking, toilets and wheelchairs for people with disabilities.
Airport Tour gives you the opportunity to visit Schoenefeld and wishing to attend all events for the flight.

There is a specialized area for shops and many restaurants and bars.

Getting interesting journey begins right here at the airport Berlin - Schoenefeld with Car Rented from Naniko!