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Car Rental from Naniko car hire in the Berlin airport Tegel

With a good network of motorways in Germany and with an auto hired, you can better organize your trip around the city and outside the urban area, to save time and money.

With its good location, from Tegel Airport is an easy access to Denmark, Poland and cities in the north as Hamburg - about 2 and a half an hours drive north-west along the A24 and along A 13 - Dresden. The autobahns in Germany are for pay and long distance can be between large cities.

In the Tegel Airport is also represented vehicle hire from  Naniko - practical and economical means of travel for those travelers who have decided to take advantage of this service.

  • Low prices guaranteed
  • No fee if the change or cancellation of the order for two days before
  • No hidden costs
  • Round the clock service of assisting clients
  • Method of payment you choose yourself - prepayment when booking online or directly when you pick up the car.

Airport of Berlin, named after a German pilot Otto Lilienthal and is the biggest hub serving the metropolis. In fact, it is more than another airport Schonefeld, and also closer to the city, just 11 km distant.
Here are four of the terminals and run most of the international airlines. It was constructed in 1948 and opened to civil traffic in the sixties.

Air terminal is equipped with numerous amenities to make the stay more enjoyable for passengers. In addition to an extensive shopping area and many restaurants, there are banking services.
It was built after the Berlin blockade and the subsequent partition of Berlin.

By car the airport is directly linked to the city by highway BAB 111.
On the bus trip takes about 30 minutes.
Lines cheaper and faster are X09 or 109

The airport is not directly linked to the underground U-Bahn.
Some bus lines, connecting lines U6 and U7.

What is necessary to know when piloting an auto in Berlin

Germany has an comprehensive network of roads in some places that do not have speed limits. When there is a speed limit, it is 130 km / h; area with yield concentrated in the border areas of highways.
Many roads are free. Permitted level of alcohol - 0.5 grams.

You will voyage on the most exiting sights  from the airport Tegel on car rental from Naniko.