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Rental cars from Naniko car hire company in Frankfurt Airport

Rhein-Main Airport of Frankfurt is the major one in Germany, with more than 51 million passenger turnover and ranked as eighth worldwide.
Situated in the district of Hesse, 12 kilometers from Frankfurt center and quite close to other major cities of Central Europe.

Composed of three terminus: the first - is the largest was opened in 1972, the second one was built in 1994 to substitute the old terminal Ost and VIP terminal.
And at this point in the process of implementing a new terminal to the south.

Furthermore, it is 120 km from Frankfurt-Hahn, which utilized mainly by low cost air compamies.

It is available a service of auto hire from Naniko at the airport of Frankfurt or pre-reserve online.

Easy system of services adapted to the needs of customers offers:

  • Taking and return the vehicle at different points of your route.
  • Driver services from the company, all are English speakers
  • Auto and local taxes are included in the rental price

Frankfurt airport can be obtained loosely by vehicle or by train. Two railway stations are located here, a shuttle or SkyLine, what allows to easily move within the framework of complex.

Arriving from the north, you need to go to the A5 towards Frankfurt and follow the signs to the airport.
From the south - on the motorway A67, from the east - A3 and cross the intersection, and from the west - A3 and arrive at joint Wiesbadener Kreuz, and take A66.
Frankfurt Airport has two railway stations.
The train station is located near the AIRail Terminal 1. Trains arrive and get off from platforms 4 to 7.

The local S-Bahn achieved by zonal and local trains arriving and departing from tracks 1 to 3.
Both stations are connected to Terminal 2 by free transfer.

Also operates a bus link and tickets often can be aquired on board.

Clinic of first aid located at the exits between areas B and C, and operates for 24 hours. Here you can also find pharmacies.

In the Duty Free & Travel Value Shops offers a wide selection of products at low prices.
There is a post office and a conference center.

All the comfort and services of Frankfurt Airport and car rental from Naniko at your service!