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Car Rental from Naniko rent a car at the Hamburg Airport

The vacation in Hamburg can be a great prospect for the inspection of interesting sights.

To visit Hamburg and the surrounding areas  the most convenient option is car hired from Naniko.

The company spread around the world, renowned for reliability and quality of services provided. It has many branches in major cities, including Hamburg Airport.

  • Professional service and roadside assistance
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With a rented vehicle from Naniko you can organize your trip since the arrival in Hamburg Airport with comfort, defining schedules and travel itineraries to suit your preferences.
Hamburg Airport is 8 km from the city, was founded in 1911 and is the oldest airport in the country.
Each year more than 12 million passengers use it for their needs.

The airport is conjugated by two ring roads that go around the city, R2 and R3, and is located on the A7 motorway to exit Schnelsen - North.

The airport is also connected with the city through S-Bahn lines: Trains depart every 10 minutes that follow the route between the airport and the central railway station -Hauptbahnhof, and the it takes only 25 minutes.
S-Bahn station is located directly across the terminal and easy accessible by elevators, escalators or stairs.

At the exit from the terminal there are buses that go to various destinations, including Hamburg.
Dozens of national and international carriers have headquartered in Hamburg airport. Popular international destinations include Zurich, Palma de Mallorca and London, and the most popular domestic routes - Munich, Frankfurt and seasonal Stoccarda.

Numerous  shops and restaurants offering a variety of options for passengers simple meals in the bars and cafes and restaurants to Fillini sushi and sashimi, to meet a variety of culinary tastes.
In shopping areas contributed fashion goods, printed materials, gifts and souvenirs.
Additional facilities include a prayer hall, Internet access, conference centers, a dental clinic and a massage room.
Explore the natural beauty of the region freely with car hired from  Naniko at Hamburg airport.