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Car Rental at the Airport of Hannover - Langenhagen - from Naniko

With access to a bit of travel time, those who determined to rent an auto at the airport in Hanover, besides the lovely city can discover the wonderful places such as Bielefeld, Teutoburg Forest or wonderful Dortmund and his thirteenth century fortress, Essen - European Capital of Culture of 2010 year and more.

With car hire from Naniko you can, leave the Hanover Airport, visit the city and neighboring regions on your own and at proper rhythm.

Hanover-Langenhagen  is situated in the region of Langenhagen,11 km from the city. It was built in 1952, and twenty years later, in 1973, were completed new terminals A and B;
More recently, in 2000, was even added a third terminal C. Simultaneously, there may maneuver the 33 aircrafts.

The hub is handily linked to the city with the S-Bahn line, with a frequency of every 30 minutes and reaches a town about twenty minutes to the Hanover Central Station.
But then, there are many direct buses as well as the effective transfer and, of course, taxis.

Numerous  airlines that fly to Hanover, among which the most active are Lufthansa, Air Berlin with different routes to principle directions of Germany, Europe and Turkey.

Hanover Airport is equipped with all necessary facilities for passengers: parking, duty free shops, lounges, Internet access and an exclusive VIP service.
Furthermore, the structure has a fully adequate accessibility for people with disabilities.

Being largely destroyed during the war, like many other German cities, Hannover has been restored by modern standards, but still managed to retain some of its historic buildings.

It is an important commercial and industrial center, but despite this, there is abundance of interesting places, starting with the New Town Hall, with the dome of 100 meters.
Continuing the rout to the south you can reach Wolfsburg, where is the office of Volkswagen.

But the most interesting centers are located in the north of Bremen, which is the oldest city-state of Germany, rich in churches and museums.

Auto hire is the best solution for the needs of travelers.

Less well-known places in Germany will be nicer and easier to visit, in total comfort of car rental from Naniko in the airport of Hanover.