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Car hire in Nuremberg Airport - from Naniko

Order your vehicle rental beforehand and take it immediately upon landing at the airport of Nuremberg, you can readily approach the city  and survey the monuments, and the most characteristic places, learn about its history and culture more.

It is, in fact, the most advantageous and efficient means for autonomous movement.

Using auto renting from Naniko Nuremberg Airport can travel to Bavaria and elsewhere in Germany!

We offers preferential rates, ultra-modern fleet of vehicles and highly qualified staff.

Nuremberg Airport

Disposed about 5 km far from the city, Airport is the second active in the whole of Bavaria, after Munich.

Rebuilt after the war, was reopened in 1955 and several times was then expanded and modernized. Today includes one track and three passenger terminals, one of which is for arrivals, and two others are reserved for departures.

Getting to the airport from the city can be first on the subway, which takes no more than ten minutes. The alternative - a bus stop right in front of the airport.

Assuredly, you can still lease a car that will be the most practical means.
There are numerous scheduled flights from Nuremberg, mostly on domestic routes and to the side of the Mediterranean. Among the various airlines.

The airport is equipped with all modern amenities, shops and restaurants.
There are a quantiry of stores and lunchrooms, including the restaurant Mövenpick, three bars, several bakeries and McDonald's. For business, a conference room for rent. There are two VIP rooms.

Other services Nuremberg Airport ATM, currency exchange beauty salon, post office, children's playroom and Wi-Fi.
Nuremberg is situated in Bavaria, Germany's southernmost region, and despite the fact that its historic center was almost completely destroyed during War, today, thanks to the skilful renovation, you can enjoy the most important monuments and admire the beauty of the typical German.

Nuremberg is full of museums and attractions that make it an interesting place: the Church of St. Sebald with works by Peter VISCHER, the house-museum of Albrecht Dürer, and again, a feature of the old city walls which date back to the fourteenth century with 80 watchtowers.

The prime feasible outbreak of your travel - car hire from Naniko  in the airport Nuremberg!