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Car hire in Berlin from rent a car company Naniko

Although Berlin has a very efficacious public transport system, but sometimes it is necessary to rent a car for a more comfortable trip to Berlin and the surrounding area on your own routes and times.

Naniko offers you the optimum conditions for hire cars in Berlin, at rival tariffs.

  • Casco insurance and taxes are taken into account in the price
  • Road Assistance, available around the clock
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Berlin is an immense city

This metropolis of countless colors, which seems to welcome each person

  • The castle Charlottenburg

In the same area you can visit the Royal Palace of Charlottenburg, where many centuries ago lived a princess Charlotte. The surrounding area is very quiet, especially in the green. Externally it is a very well-kept palace with a large front space with extraordinary gate, in black and gold, and with a pair of statues at the entrance. Already from the outside you can see the  latitude of the building.

  • Alexanderplatz,

This is certainly one of the most famous and large areas of Berlin.
Named in honor of Tsar Alexander I of Prussia, who was visiting the capital in 1805. Alexander Square, thanks to the construction of the railway, became a real railway centre. A Tietz department store led to the fact that the area has become the most important commercial center. The mode as  today looks Alexanderplatz, updated only in 60th after it was largely destroyed during the war.

Parliament Building, the Reichstag, was on the new restored and put into the light in 1999 and is now a place that attracts many visitors. Especially impressionable its large glass dome, erected on the roof, where there is a possibility of enjoying the stunning views of the city.
And for observing from a greater height for a  360 ° in-law television tower at Alexanderplatz.
Zoo - the oldest in Europe.

The entrance ticket will cost less with the Berlin Welcome Card, which can also be used for the main attractions.

There are elephants (mother and son), lions, tiger, panther, cheetah and, of course, the panda. But since cats sleep all the day, they can be seen just asleep. So if you're going to the zoo, select the correct time of day, except in the morning.
Nearby is the church of William, bombed during the war.

All the beauty of Berlin in a comfortable ride on car rental from Naniko!