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Rent a cars from Naniko in Germany

Enchanting castles, ancient cities, small, tranquil village, romantic rivers, traditional festivals, good food, and the effectiveness of their organization - it's all there is Germany.

Car Rental in Germany may be irreplaceable, if you decide to go in the surrounding area of the city, or take a private tour of discovery along the known routes of the German  theme.

Naniko offer you the opportunity of auto hire in major German cities easily and at affordable prices!

And also you get already included in the prices:

Unlimited mileage
Third party insurance
Limited liability when damage
Local taxes and roadside assistance

The most beautiful places in Germany necessary to visit

Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria

This is officially the most photographed building in Germany. Castle, situated in the Alps seems to come straight out of a fairy tale, so much so that Disney drew his inspiration here for Sleeping Beauty's Castle. It was built between 1869 and 1886 by order of King Ludwig II, and was a summer resort for the royal family's friends, among whom was the famous composer Wagner, whose piano is still standing in one of the rooms.

The Berlin Wall and Brandenburg Gate

This is a  witness of the sad past and a symbol of Germany's reunification. The atmosphere in front of the remains of the wall is painful for many people were separated from their loved ones.

Brandenburg Gate, the winged goddess of victory at the wheel of the van of 4 horses, is the emblem of freedom against oppression.


Beautiful cities in Germany, was bombed during World War II and later rebuilt. Church of Our Lady, was razed to the ground and was covered by bunch of garbage for 40 years, as a reminder of the war.

Cologne Cathedral

The third tallest cathedral in the world, gothic masterpiece had its original design back in 1248. During the bombing it was the only surviving building.

Black forest

Schwarzwald  was so called by the Romans because of the fear that inspired the forest. Some trees are so tall and growing, which is not allowed to penetrate the light. In fact it is the most charming place in Germany, with valleys, hills, forests and plains.

Create your own inimitable route through beautiful places of Germany on car hire from Naniko!