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Car hire - best prices from Naniko in Frankfurt

Frankfurt - European finance metropolis and center of the largest stock exchange in Germany and the Central Bank of Europe. It has the second largest airport in Europe and the prestigious University.
Here, in order to reach the maximum number of all that this city proposes, the better manner of journey is to rent an auto.

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Frankfurt, at first glance, the city of impressive skyscrapers, where adjusted European cash flows.
This cosmopolitan city inhabited by 180 different nationalities, still retains significant traces of its imperial past. This is an amazing city and striking contrasts between old and new do not conflict, but rather make it unique.
It is likewise the native land of the great writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and his house on today- fascinating museum.

Römerberg-central area with Gothic town hall Römer of fifteenth century, the famous Kaisersaal, Imperial Hall, where were the coronations of the emperors, Fountain of Justice and other interesting buildings with half-timbered facades. St. Nicholas Church and Haus Wertheim of seventeenth century can be detected in the southern part.

With the high towers of the Gothic cathedral you can admire the magnificent views of the city. Inside the cathedral are the stalls of the fourteenth century, tombstones, magnificent frescoes and altars.

  • Paulskirche

In St. Paul's Church, restored after the war, was held the first German National Assembly, elected in 1848, after the revolution.

  • Zeilgalerie

From the height of the commercial center on the Zeil street, offers beautiful views of Frankfurt.
In front of the building where the stock exchange - the pride of Frankfurt, stands a monument to the famous bull and bear symbolizing the performance of the economy.

  • Alte Oper

Old Opera House was rebuilt after the war and offers great shows, from classics to modern works.

  • Palmengarten

The Botanical Garden has more than a century and o'er 10 000 species of plants. Very nice to walk on its green areas.

Enjoy of unique views of Frankfurt from the height of 331 meters, the highest TV tower in Germany together with cars for hire from Naniko.