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Car Hire in Hamburg - by Naniko car rental company

If you get in the airport in Hamburg, the best idea to continue the rout is immediately taking an advantage of low-cost car rental from Naniko, you can not only visit this beautiful city, but also a ride around to discover the beautiful historic towns and scenic spots.

With Naniko you may lease an auto in Hamburg with unlimited mileage and including airport fees and taxes.

And also choose from a fleet of vehicle from  runabouts and bulk up and roomy SUV or minivan.

Hamburg is a fascinating place in Europe, by its location, and its cosmopolitan atmosphere, presents a truly unusual sight of pools connected to the port next channel.

In fact, Hamburg due to the existence of several bridges called the Venice of the North. The city is not only one of the 16 federal lands of Germany, but is also one of the major harbors in Europe with elegant urban architecture and many green areas.

Hamburg has many attractions.
The first entity to see is the port Hafen, which counts  800 years.
Two pools of Alster and Aussenalster formed by river flows into the Elba. Rayon surrounded by magnificent buildings, where you can admire the beautiful fountain.

Rathausmarkt, with old Stock Exchange building and the Cathedral of St. Peter.

The city is changing as Christmas is coming!

Christmas markets of Luebeck. it is a tradition that has continued for the past 350 years. Thousands of fans do not miss this event, and recently the market has expanded even acquired increasing importance. In kiosks can buy special artifacts and souvenirs, or enjoy a mulled wine to warm up and relax.

You cannot miss to see the fish market and warehouse in the port, now abandoned. Only here it does not mean a simple structure, as is usually, but a large complex with museums inside. Called Speicherstadt, or the city of seven stores, including customs, spices, sea, art and culture of Afghanistan.

There is even a popular attraction of Miniatur miraculous model of the world's largest railway, is truly of impressive designs.

To learn the history from the eighth to the twentieth century, of course, recommended the Museum of History of Hamburg.

Take home a lot of unforgettable memories of the wonderful city of Hamburg, a ride on it on car rented from Naniko.