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Car hire - at the best prices from Naniko - in Hanover

Hanover's third largest city in northern Germany, after Bremen and Hamburg.
With a rental car in Hannover can be found at leisure parks and its majestic town hall, walk in the extensive pedestrian zone and shopping paradise.

Placed in the north of Germany, on the river Leine, Hannover, capital of Lower Saxony, which has divided into nearly a century their holdings with the UK. This is attractive spot where the biggest trade fair in the field of information technology and IT in European Union.

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Inquisitive visitors can park their cars in Hanover and follow an unusual route, the red line on the pavement of many city streets. Red thread of 4.2 km, connects the 36 most popular tourist attractions in Hanover.

  • Old Town and historical sites

Heart of Hannover undoubtedly is the old town Trammplatz. Inside are some of the historical sites as Marktkirche - the bishopric of Lutheran Church. In this area, you can see the Old Town Hall, Vangenheim palace and castle. In the area of fairs have majestic tower of Hermes, built in 2000.

The origins of the metropolis  in the Middle Ages, when it was established on the south bank of the Leine initially as a small fishing village, has already become the thirteenth century a town, thanks to its favorable location of trade routes. These characteristics have earned him entry into the Hanseatic League in 1386. During this period the major temples were built here, as well as the city walls.

Hannover - a city of fairs and events

There are many events and festivals. One of the popular and beautiful festivals is Machsee Festival, which annually attracts about 1.8 million viewers. The event lasts 19 days, and the program includes dances, concerts and night swimming in the torchlight.

As the name implies, "Fete de la Musique" is all about the music. June 21 of each year, the city receives more than 1,500 musicians for party music that can be heard everywhere.

After an entertaining stroll in the beautiful Old Town of Hanover, is especially nice to relax behind the wheel of your car rented from Naniko.