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Car Rental from Naniko car hire in Munich, Bavaria

In anticipation of an entertaining trip to Munich? Already ordered the air tickets, hotel and seems everything is provided. But the organization of an ideal journey is not yet complete!
What cannot be overlook - a vehicle hire that will permit to see the beautiful region of Germany in all its glory and in full autonomy!

Purpose of tourist is clear - budget saving costs , without sacrificing quality. So you are in the right place!

On you can find your desired auto for rent, for easy and comfortable  travel in Munich!

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Munich is not just Oktoberfest

Usually, thinking about this city, sheltered by the Alps, come to mind breweries warm, ruddy and friendly faces, beautiful old buildings that speak of the glorious past. And it is exactly like this, Munich is full of beer, history and friendliness.

Among the cities of Germany, the most popular destinations is Munich, Bavaria's capital city, located in the south, front of the River Isar.

This is a hilarious and vibrant metropolis with a valuable history and ancient culture that can be seen in the multiple of monuments  such as the Cathedral of our Lady, tower of which became a symbol of life to survive indomitable bombing and for today it counts more than four centuries.
Nymphenburg Palace, the impressive and beautiful residence of Baroque style.

The ideal months to visit Munich beyond doubt is  October, when held here the most celebrated beer festival, which magnetizes people from entire world - Oktoberfest. Here thousands of liters famous drink consumed accompanied by delicious local cuisine as wustel and sauerkraut. 

The historic city center is a concrete example of how the past and present of Munich are united in one harmonious environment.
In the central square, there are old and new city hall, one built in the 15th century, the other in the early twentieth.

The streets of the city saw many important characters in history as a great composer Wolfgan Amadeus Mozart, who in search of work appealed to the Wittelsbach family, who ruled the Bavarian town of about 800 years.

Take a trip to English Garden in Munich, German Museum, Residence, royal palace dynasty Wittelsbach on car rental from Naniko.