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Car hire in Nuremberg - from Naniko rent a car

Nuremberg is city of Bavaria, with an interesting historic center, dominated by a huge castle and Gothic churches, fine restored streets and houses, romantic squares and hidden corners.

On your car rental from Naniko be easily and quickly get to several beautiful places in Germany.

Country where the history contrasts with the modernity that makes it a unique place for discovery and enjoyment.

We provide a service designed specifically for your choice of the best options.
There are available:

  • Runabout and convertibles
  • Hatchbacks and sedans
  • SUVs and vans

Any driver will find a suitable model for an enjoyable trip through the famous German autobahn.

Nuremberg has more than half a million inhabitants.

Thanks to the creation of companies such as Siemens and MAN, it became the industrial center Bavaria. Here are an important branches of industry, factories, electronic, mechanical and optical equipment. The major entrepreneur in the manufacturing sector is Siemens.
Every year the city hosts the world's biggest exhibition of toys and others, especially in the field of digital technology. 

Core of the city is separated into five districts. To get from one area to another, you must first return to the ring road and from there to reach other areas. The area circum the castle is closed to vehicles at night. An electronic system shows the free parking places.

Nuremberg has a wide diapason of accommodations, from youth hostels and to inexpensive five star luxury hotels. On the outskirts of the city there are also camping- Campingpark Nürnberg. During major exhibitions all hotels are sold out. If you desire to attend a show, or visit the Nuremberg at this time, should take care of the accommodation in advance.

Toy Fair is the largest exhibition in the world comes from the traditional craftsmanship of the city. Very interesting exhibition of the Child Jesus, from late November to early December. As for the food, which makes it famous Nuremberg sausages and special cakes.

The city has an ideal position to reach other important places in the country in a short time.
Other major centers nearby - Stuttgart, known in the automotive industry; Wurzburg, with great examples of Baroque architecture; Leipzig, great place of Saxony; Frankfurt-Hahn,, city with a rich history.

Travelling without problems with Car Rental Naniko in Nuremberg.