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Car rental in Athens from Naniko rent a car

Athens is a wonderful city to visit, moving with great flexibility and a free schedule, because you never know how much time it will takes to enjoy plenty of indescribable historical and archaeological monuments of antiquity, that this city offers.

Rental cars in Athens - It is also interesting to spend a time on the beaches surrounding the city.

Naniko throughout his years of practice offers car hire worldwide at low prices, including Athens.

Car hiring in Athens - With a wide network of partners throughout Greece, we can offer the best fleet, most affordable prices. On you will find anything you need and will able to see a large selection of all categories of cars.
We offer you – rent a car in Athens:

  • Cheap runabouts and hatchbacks
  • Comfortable Sedans
  • 4X4 SUVs
  • Roomy vans for group and family trips


Take a vantage of the many benefits offered by Naniko to hire a car in Athens.

The possibility of modification or cancelation a reservation up to 48 hours before the beginning of the service will be free of charge.
The capital of Greece is amongst most antique cities in the world. Its famous story goes back to 3000 years ago. The remains of ancient times, is a major attraction for tourists. Athens is also renowned for its vibrant nightlife, where each area is distinguished by a unique atmosphere.

The city is inhabited by 800,000 inhabitants, but including the suburban area, has a populace of about 4 million people.

Athens is major European city and travel by car can be very stressful with the chaotic traffic in major cities. The abundance of vehicles on the roads and the characteristic style of driving of the Greeks give its effect.

Athens is the largest and most populous city of Greece, located in the center of the plain, surrounded by mountains and the sea. Old Town is certainly the most interesting for tourists because of the rich heritage of its glorious past.

In all seasons of the year, millions of tourists come to visit the Acropolis, the Parthenon, museums, and a lot of monuments of the classical era.

Athens is the ideal place where you can begin your journey, and then continue it to the beautiful Greek islands like Santorin, Rhodes and Mykonos, starting from the ancient port of Piraeus, through the largest ports in the Mediterranean.
Athens has an integrated public transport network, which can be navigated by buying a single ticket for the underground, tram and bus.

  • Seat belts are mandatory for the driver, even for short distances.


  • It is better not to abuse alcohol, if you have an intension to drive. The maximum allowable dose of alcohol in the blood of 0.5%
  • Remember that failure to comply with speed limits, as well as any other abuse of traffic rules is subject to penalties


Naniko recommends and provides an excellent opportunity to reserve in advance a car rental for your comfortable journey to Athens!