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A trip to Greece is always much more than just a beach holiday. From the bustling and vibrant life of Athens and to the tranquil shores of Halkidiki, Greece can offer recreation for every taste and temperament.

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  • All local taxes
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Naniko provide you with services for auto hire in Greece, including Athens, Corfu, Crete, Kalamata, in airports and cities across the country – Rental cars in Greece.
In this you will have an invaluable service of car rental in Greece from Naniko!
Rented vehicle will give you the freedom of shift and independence to learn more about this amazing country at your own rhythm on your own terms.

Low Cost Auto Renting in Greece from Naniko

Greece is a country of many islands. This is a very popular holiday destination visited by millions of tourists. Greece is also the country for sun and culture lovers because of the priceless historical and cultural heritage. Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians and Ottomans have all left their mark here.

Saturated and impregnated with an antique history, Greece is represented simply as a paradise for amateurs of archaistic architecture and mythology.
Around 800 BC, the Greek cities were founded. People were engaged in agriculture, fisheries and livestock. After a fierce battle between the Spartans and the Athenians, Greece became the united and headed by Alexander the Great.

Starting of the Acropolis of Athens and to the legendary Mount Olympus, Greece is a country full of ancient wonders. To enjoy the ancient monuments must set aside some time to visit the ruins of Atlantis and the Parthenon that are in Santorin.

The country is also characterized by much more modern events. In the light of progress made with the help of the European Cup and the Olympic Games, Greece a country that is full of national pride, and even has a good reason for it!

Over recent years, the capital has undergone a significant process of rejuvenation and today can be proud of the improved system of transport services and technologically advanced sports along with a lively nightlife.
It is necessary to evaluate the luxurious enjoyment of Crete and the Ionian islands, with their intoxicating scenery and the most relaxed style of coastal life in Europe.

In Greece there is desirable to see everything. Numerous attractions are scattered in different regions, visit the countryside and the ancient towns and indescribable beauty of the islands.