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Economy Car Rental in Riga airport from Naniko

Arriving by plane to your destination, the first thing to do is to think about how to continue the path.
However, the Riga Airport is near the city and public transport and taxi services are provided to arrive, but with a car at your disposal, you'll be much freer and dispose of your time and route of travel.

At the airport, where thousands of arriving and departing passengers in a hurry to each according to his business, created a bit of a chaotic situation, coupled with the stress. In such a situation, of course, is also idle for information on auto renting and expect the service implementation is possible with for an hour or even more, everyone would like to avoid.
It makes more sense, everything is made in advance, use the online reservation of auto hire of and get the car right at the airport of Riga.

  • Cars of various models and modifications
  • Fast and efficient service system
  • Ideal price with included insurance and tax rates
  • Full car insurance
  • Extras for your comfort and safety

Briefly about Riga Airport

Riga Airport is the largest in the Baltic countries and is often considered as the best one in the region.
It is a ten-kilometer distance from the city center. So far, there is no rail connection, but in the perspective development plan such a goal is scheduled.
Meanwhile, the airport well connected by bus lines, not only to city, but also the surrounding towns and even neighboring countries.
Airport lies on the highway A 10 and very easy to reach by car.

Today, the airport offered a small number of shops and rest areas, but in the process of building a new terminal, which will offer a much modernized systems and, including improved recreational areas and expectations.

There is a VIP zone with a room for meetings, but for complex business services, including halls for conferences, it is better to apply to the business hotels in the city. The issue of establishing a business center close to the airport in the development process.
Other services offered at the airport of Riga's are banking services, currency exchange, ATM, pharmacy and wireless internet.

Explore the city by auto rental Naniko easily and safely from the airport of Riga!