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Car hire in Latvia - at the best rates from Naniko car hire

Latvia is a small country that is not very well-known in Europe because of has been hidden from the world for more than 50 years of Soviet occupation. For the same reason, it is between few countries on the continent, with preserved almost intact ecosystems that make up more than 50% of the territory.

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Furthermore of standards and conditions of service, which you can read more in the relevant sectors of our site, here are some items that will dispel all your doubts about the correctness of your choice.

  • In accordance with the package of insurance services you provided: by liability insurance, protection against theft, damage by collision.
  • Reception of the vehicle can be done in any place advantageous to you. It is needful to present a passport and, of course, a driver's license.
  • For modification or cancelation of your booking, please communicate with our call center 2 days prior to your reservation, without the risk of additional surcharges.


Latvia is part of the European Union and is surrounded by Russia, Belarus, Lithuania and Estonia. Washed by Baltic Sea. Many give the country's definition of the pearls of the Baltic, thanks to the beauty of its territories that are rich in lakes, rivers, castles and nature reserves.

In Latvia, as well as in its capital, there are many parks and lush gardens are really of amazing beauty where it is possible to admire not only views, but also enjoy moments of relaxation.

Near the sea have Engure Lake, where many birds nest and gaze submitted amazing pictures of nature, herds of wild horses that get drunken water in the immediate vicinity of the lake.

Notwithstanding the fact that Latvia was awarded the title - Switzerland of Baltic - a tenth territory is below sea level, in some places up to 50 meters.
As for the fauna, forests are an abundance of deer, wild boars, wolves, lynx and brown bears. White storks are reaching 6,500 copies, up to six times more than in the whole of Western Europe.

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