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Chose the journey to Riga? This city really has something to offer to the tourists!
More and more people are choosing it as their holiday destination.
The easiest way to get to Riga by air: most companies produce direct flights.
If you are not afraid of a long trip, you can also take a trip on the train. But no matter how you got here, to continue your voyage wise to rent a car.

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Riga Art Nouveau gem

Baltic Paris called the capital of Latvia, where you can contemplate the modern style, enriching the mixture of medieval and Renaissance architecture.
Visiting should start with the historic center, but before diving into the maze of narrow streets and squares, it is better to see the heart of the city from the bridge of October on the Daugava River. Here there is a lively commercial atmosphere that characterized the city at the time of the Hanseatic League.
Is dominated by the medieval buildings of the sixteenth century, decorated in wood. Grandiose castle, where sits the President of the Republic and within which there are the most important national museums.

Riga is also known as a city of museums, because here they are more than fifty.
The most important religious building in the city: the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. James.
You can then view and modern Riga, admiring the unique buildings like The Cat House and the Palace of Einstein.

City is characterized by a harsh climate in winter and humid summers, with temperatures up to 30 degrees.
Freedom Monument - very important for Latvians - a symbol of their desire for independence; during the Soviet occupation it was forbidden to bring here even flowers.

About 10 km from the center, the Ethnographic Open-Air Museum, founded in 1924, consists of about 90 reconstructions of rural buildings in Latvia.
In the center is Rundale Palace, the maximum expression of the Latvian Baroque, designed by Bartolomeo Rastrelli, the architect of the king of Russia. Today it is a museum, surrounded by a park, the beauty is breathtaking.

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