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Rent a car in Vilnius from Naniko

City, the destination of your journey is rich in history and culture. We must have time to see everything and experience the captivation of different styles of architecture, which provides the city.
But in the same time, no one wants to strain while in pursuit of a schedule of public transport or planned excursions.

With a car rental in Vilnius is easy to explore not only the city, but also visit the beautiful places like Kaunas, Druskininkai and Palanga.

Use the auto renting service from Naniko, and be happy to taste the fascination of a trip to Vilnius in complete comfort.

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Vilnius is a capital of Lithuania, beautiful place in the Baltic edge. Its character and loveliness, formed under a variety of cultural influences. Vilnius kept a kind of countrified oomph, and despite the recent amelioration and restoration, can be relieved to discover that the city has not undergone excessive changes. It is still possible to wander across the crinkled streets of the old town and marvel the buildings of the 12th and 13th century.
But then, the modern capital Vilnius is growing with a good infrastructure.

The University of Vilnus, founded in 1500, is a comprehensive structure with courtyards and edifices’ of a large architectural interest.

Many ancient buildings of the Baroque style are presented in the historical part. Cathedral Square - a place of worship - was constructed on the basis of a pagan temple, Gediminas Tower, which houses the museum, and St. Anne's Church. However, the main attraction of the city is made up of several buildings of Baroque style Church of St. John and St. Peter's Church and St. Paul.

In addition to its artistic wonders, this city offers incomparable cuisine and the beauty of the night life, continuously lasting from dusk until dawn.
In the capital, there is no lack of art galleries and museums. Interesting are the Museum of the Holocaust, and the National Museum.
Strolling along one of the charming pedestrian streets, Pilies, you can visit the local shops and attractive restaurants. Lithuanian cuisine is heavily influenced by Nordic cuisine and the menu, in general, offers dumplings, Lithuanian sausage, soups and potato dishes; for dessert - fresh blueberries.

Do not miss any single angle, moving in Vilnius on car rented from Naniko.