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Car rental from Naniko – at Chisinau Airport

As a rule, at airports is always a bit of a stressful situation, due to the fact that everybody in a hurry somewhere, looking for something, all a bit confusing and hard. And that's ok, because there are thousands of people in a rush to their destinations.

Therefore, pre-arrange a car hire by will allow you immediately upon arrival at the airport in Chisinau to get a vehicle and drive on.

  • Booking through Naniko just a few steps: select, reserve, confirm.
  • Only high-quality and proven vehicles of all types.
  • Effective rates with the principle - all inclusive
  • Associated services of high level and always ready to help the staff of the company.

Chisinau International Airport is located 13 km from the city and is easily accessible by public transport, if you do not rent a car:
City expresses bus "A", working along the route - the area of ​​Dimitrie Cantemir - Airport, checking out every 40 minutes
And taxi.
The airport was founded in 1944 after the removal of the Nazi occupation, when all types of ground transportation were virtually destroyed.
Since those times, the airport has undergone a number of different functional and structural changes, and today provides services to the international level.
For greater comfort and save time at the airport offered services of VIP Lounge.

Territory VIP Lounge is a cozy and comfortable complex with friendly and experienced staff of employees, informing passengers about the current information in a timely manner.
Also provided is a spacious lounge with services intercity telephone, copier and fax machine. When prompted, passengers can use laptops provide a free internet access.
Hall is equipped with satellite TV. Here you can relax in the snack-bar, with an assortment of snacks and drinks.
Parking space can be found within walking distance from the terminal VIP Lounge.
According to international standards, in the halls of the terminal is forbidden smoking, but it assigned a special territory in the outer part of the terminal.

Car rental from Naniko - Your partner for an enjoyable stay and travel without stress since the airport in Chisinau!