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Going on a trip to Moldova and would like to provide yourself by a facilities of auto rental?

Without a doubt, your decision is reasonable from a rational point of view. After all, while on a trip to another country, on holiday or on business issues, plays the role everything - saving time, finances or your efforts.

For those who detected the obvious conclusion that the car hires in Chisinau - it's a smart move, the company Naniko offers its complete services.

Extensive selection of fleet: economy class, sedan, business style, sports, SUVs, overall.

  • Comfortable and affordable online system, you need only:
  • Select the desired period and click on the search;
  • Choose your preferred car from a list;
  • Enter contact information;
  • And get the confirmation of your reservation by mail.


The capital and most populous city of Moldova is placed on the river Bic and is reckoned as verdant place in Europe. Moldovans count 73% of the population.
City was formerly known under the same name, although its origin is not clear, one of the assumptions that the etymology of the word - Kesene – meaning of tomb.
Chisinau was part of the Moldavian Princedom, with the beginning of the sixteenth century, under the authority of Ottomans. In the early nineteenth centenary it was a hamlet with seven thousand dwellers. In 1812, it joined the board of Russia, which turned the city into the center of Bessarabia. The population increased to 92 000 people, and by the early 20th century, has already exceeded to 100 thousand.
By the end of the 19th age, in response to the growing anti-Semitism in Russia and Poland, many Jews chose to find a lodgment in Chişinău, and thus in 1900 accounted for 43% of its population.

In Chisinau three types of public transportation: bus lines running through the city, and reach several nearby villages, trolleybuses and maxi taxi - the type of mini buses. Subway is absent in the city.

There are twelve public and eleven private universities, and the Academy of Science.
Ever since the soviet era, the city became a symbol of prosperity and economic development. Even today in Chisinau, the standard of living is much higher than in other towns and rustic areas of the country.

A foreigner traveling in Chisinau would never feel cut off from civilization due to the possibility of rent a car Naniko.

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