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Rent a car at the airport in Moscow - Sheremetyevo – from Naniko

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Sheremetyevo International Airport is 29 km away from Moscow. After work on the expansion and reorganization in 2009, became the second largest airport in Moscow and is used by more than 20 million passengers a year.
The airport has a good selection of bars, cafes, restaurants and shops. Other services include family room for relax, a pharmacy, medical center, post office, travel agencies, meeting rooms, an ATM machine and even a hairdresser. Nearby is also the hotel.

Connection between Sheremetyevo Airport and Moscow
By car you can get by the M10 motorway.
You can reach the center of Moscow by taxi that in abundance when you exit the arrivals terminal.

Sheremetyevo Airport is connected directly to the center of Moscow by public transport:

  • Line 949 - from the Rechnoy station of the Moscow Metro
  • Line 948 from the station Planernaya

Can also be reached by train Aeroexpress from the station Moscow Belarusskaya, which is located directly in the city center. At this station there is a free service that is widely used by travelers. You can make here a check –in of luggage, which will be delivered to the Sheremetyevo airport. Train tickets can be purchased on the website of Aeroexpress.

With the service of car rental from Naniko at Sheremetyevo Airport, you'll enjoy the journey at the best prices.