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Car rental at the best prices in Moscow - from Naniko

Thanks to the wide and well-maintained roads marked with the letter M, can easily achieve the main centers of Russia.
Rent a car in Moscow can be the perfect solution to travel to surrounding areas around capital city or achieve such large cities as St. Petersburg and others.

Offices of Naniko auto renting in Moscow and airports of the capital offer the perfect service and the best prices.

Moscow vast city, and in fact it is difficult to list all the places that deserve to be seen.
But let’s try to tell you about a couple of them in the center, that one should not lose the handle to visit them.

Wonders in the heart of megacity.

Arbat is a street located between Arbat Gates and Smolensk, and is almost the most famous street in Moscow.
Initially, the Arbat was the place of merchants and artisans,but then it became a favorite place for Russian nobility.
Along the beautiful streets lived such composers as Sergei Rachmaninoff, Alexander Scriabin, famous poets and artists.

In the late nineteenth century Arbat began to acquire a modern look, as it seems today. In Soviet times, the Old Arbat has changed dramatically.
In the early 60's adjacent to the Arbat Street were part of the Kalinin Prospekt, and was later renamed the New Arbat. For the construction of the buildings were torn down many monuments of architecture of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

In the 80s the street became a pedestrian, full of shops and cafes, and turned into a popular destination for residents, especially for tourists.

Red Square, the Kremlin, the seat of the Russian government, and is the largest and most famous square in the world. A place where you can take the main streets of Moscow, aimed at any territory of Russia.
Its foundation dates back to the fourteenth century, during the reign of Ivan III.

Red square separates the Kremlin, the former royal citadel from the historic district of China Merchant - city. Initially it was called simply Fire, due to the numerous fires in houses made of wood.

On the square are St. Basil's Church of 1556 and the Monument to the Heroes. There is also a place Lubna mesto - a platform that was used for punishment or religious ceremonies.
On the same square is a statue of Lenin with the remains of the leader of communism and the famous boutiques of GUM.

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