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Car rental at Pulkovo airport in St. Petersburg - from Naniko

St. Petersburg is served by Pulkovo International Airport, 16 kilometers south of the city. To get there, and see in full freedom a beautiful metropolis with long and wide avenues, the best option is to order a car hire before leaving.

Visit the city and the surrounding historic neighborhoods, using an auto rented from Naniko at St. Petersburg Airport - surely an effective way to catch everything.

  • In our fleet, select any available model of vehicle;
  • Get rates with included taxes and insurance;
  • You are provided with free breakdown assistance and unlimited mileage;
  • When booking, you can order additional devices, such as Navigator, a luggage cart, child seats and other.

Airport St. Petersburg - Pulkovo

International Airport of St. Petersburg has two terminals, a little distant from each other. Pulkovo 1 serves domestic flights; meanwhile Pulkovo-2 is an international terminal. Free shuttle is available that connects both terminals, which takes about 15 minutes.

The airport is located southern of the city, and has an easy access to the main road of Moscow Avenue. Approaching the airport at Pulkovo Highway, the first road on the right goes to the international terminal, and the second from the right to the terminal for domestic flights.

Airport - Express stops at both terminals and leaves every half hour from the metro station Moscoskaya and Pushkin Institute in the center.
Also, bus numbers 13 and 39 connect the city and the airport.

Both terminals at Pulkovo have large parking lots. Parking areas are connected to the terminal building via a pedestrian bridge, which is heated in winter.

At the airport there are no hotels. But the closest hotel Pulkovo is just 5 km away.
In both terminals there are many shops, restaurants and cafes. International Terminal has five duty free shops.

Airport adapted for people with disabilities. There are special elevators and toilets. In addition, assistance is provided for boarding and alighting.

In both terminals there are exchange offices, ATMs and a post office with a copier, and telecommunications services. Wireless Internet is available. There is a medical center and a pharmacy.
Car hired from Naniko, awaiting your arrival at Pulkovo Airport of St. Petersburg.