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Car rental in St. Petersburg - from Naniko

Times when the car was considered a luxury item already passed a long time ago.  At the moment, it seems impossible to withstand without an auto, because of its efficiency.
And we find it difficult to give up this comfort even during our holiday. But why we have to give up?

The service of renting a car gives the possible to have a car in everyplace in the world. You can rejoice in the freedom without sacrificing comfort, which is used to.

Naniko offers the opportunity to save your budget on the mean of movement using the advantage of car hire in Saint - Petersburg.

With us you will receive:

  • Quality service
  • The most competitive prices in the market.
  • No hidden costs
  • No additional cost for the repeal or amendment of your reservation for 48 hours
  • Customer service per seven days a week

St. Petersburg - a treasure on the Neva.

Located at the Neva River, Petersburg is the second biggest city in Russia, after capital. However, it assuredly has the highest historical values and tourist interest.
Founded in the early 18th century by Peter the Great as a new capital of Tsarist Russia, St. Petersburg has always been a center of cultural and political life of the country for more than two centuries.

Saint Petersburg - a treasure trove of architectural and art collections, the result of the efforts of kings, to give the best possible gloss capital, in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
Hermitage is a unique collection of works of art - in the luxurious royal palace. Standing majestically lengthways the Neva River, its center is the Winter Palace, the residence of the Russian emperors and the original nucleus of the magnificent collection of art, created by order of Catherine the Great.

Collection of paintings and sculptures of the Hermitage is one of the largest in the world, comparable only to the Louvre and the Prado in Europe.

  • The extraordinary architecture of St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is renowned for its Orthodox cathedrals and fortifications’, including a symbolic place takes Fortress of St. Peter and St. Paul - the citadel, built to protect the city. Inside there is the eponymous Orthodox Cathedral, with an amazing golden spire and the State Russian Museum.

St. Isaac's Cathedral is a striking example of the neoclassical style, with the fourth largest dome in the world.
Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ is a colorful pattern of medieval Russian style, constructed on the site where Tsar Alexander II was assassinated in 1881.

On Nevsky Prospekt, on the waterfront, you can enjoy the most amazing and unforgettable panoramic views of the city.