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Indeed incomparable experience with car hire in Istanbul - the only city in the world, between two continents, will allow many to enjoy to the maximum. It is also a paradise for shopping for many centuries. Known Kapali Bazaar, Arasta and Egyptian market, with its atmosphere of the Arabian Nights. You can visit the handicraft markets and antiques – car hiring in Istanbul Airport, Gokcen

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Sabiha Gokcen Airport in Istanbul

This is the second airport of Istanbul  disposed in the Asian segment of the metropolis, 50 km from Taksim Square.

It was built with the aim to afford the increased air traffic over the city and to alleviates the stream of travelers at the airport Ataturk. Currently the airport is served by major airlines of low cost flights.

35 km distance to southeast separates the airport from the entry to the city.
Gokcen Airport is well connected with the center of Istanbul, thanks to various taxis and private shuttle or public transportation. However, given the distance to the airport, it is desirable to move by auto. This recommendation is if your plane land or depart late at night or early morning.

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The airport is connected to the motorway E6, which leads to the city, the artery is very congested, so you always have to calculate good time to arrive at the airport.

Given the spacing, there are several ways to transport links. The roads are very often overloaded so the alternative is always the ferry to avoid a long wait in traffic jams. The decision to get faster and cheaper.

Buses leave every 30 minutes starting from 4:00 am.
In addition, you can take a private shuttle that will take you directly to Sultanamet, but they drive less often and are more expensive.

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