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Ankara Esenboga Airport
Esenboga Airport is located thirty kilometres from the capital city of Turkey. It was opened in 1955 and named after the place where it is situated. Average passenger traffic has about five million, which puts it among the major airports of Turkey.
Works on domestic and international flights, and is disposed by runway length of 3,750 meters. It consists of two terminals.
There are rail way connections to the city, but also easy communication through an extensive network of buses running on the route every 40 minutes. The main line, which connects the city is number 442. Also available transfers, rental cars and taxis.
Major airlines operating here are Atlasjet, Austrian Airlines, Blue Wings, Condor Airlines, Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa.
Travellers provided by many amenities such as a large parking area, five hotels nearby, ice cream shop, bar, restaurant, a lost property office, Luggage Storage, information point for passengers, ATM, bank, post office, medical service, disabled facilities, car rental agencies, taxi and currency exchange.

In short, presented all services what you can imagine, and could easily pass as a modern tourist attraction itself. With four luxury salon and twelve mosques, small tour here may take even the whole day and you will feel as if were in a small town.
Everything provided from canteens and conference rooms to retail sales of any kind. Food of all types to fit your needs.
Souvenirs bought here can be made the subject of envy of many cities in the world ..

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