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Rent a car by Naniko car hire in Antalya Airport

Arriving at the resort, everyone wants to attain to the hostelry asap, leave the luggage and enjoy the bliss of a long-awaited vacation. Not wanting to waste a minute of precious time, the most effective would be to organize an auto hire in advance through online booking. Car renting at the airport Antalya for you and your friends!

The company Naniko provides you with the car rental at the airport of Antalya.

  • Implementation of order is simply and quickly by selecting the vehicle and indicating the date
  • If desired, the extension of the lease term, it is sufficient to inform 48 hours before the end of your intention. Cost and conditions will be the same.


  • Revocation or modification of the order can also be performed without problems, most important to notify the company in two days before

Rent a car in Antalya Airport from our company for you!

Start your gorgeous vacation with a car hire at Antalya airport - by Naniko.

Antalya Airport is the air gateway to the Turkish holiday destinations in the Mediterranean and is very busy during the active season. It serves five million travelers per year.
The hub is 17 km far from Antalya. From the town to the airport can be reached by auto in just 20 minutes. Route paths are clearly specified.

The bus leaves from the terminal for internal flights and operates only in compound with the flights of Turkish Airlines. Thus, you may have to expect for 2 or 3 hours for the next bus. The final stop is the central bus station Otogar.

No railway station is available in airport.

In the international comings hall can be discovered auto rental offices.
Official taxis and recognizable by its yellow color. Negotiate the price in advance is better.
Two parking areas are located at the front of the terminal building, one of which is specifically reserved for cars and one for buses.

Two hotels are located at about 12 km from the airport. Both with views of the sea and can reserved online.

Stores and restaurants
There is a rational selection of shops and eat places. Although the prices of food and drinks are quite high.
VIP lounge offers small business services like fax, phone and photocopy. You can rent a conference room.

There are applicable hoists and restrooms for persons with disabilities. Among other services ATMs and payphones, a currency exchange, a course in the city is much more profitable, post office and first-aid.