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Car Rental from Naniko rent a car in a fabulous Antalya

What could be better anticipation of a wonderful holiday with optimally organized  conditions, when  no dark bar will spoil your holiday.
In the presence of a car hire from Naniko you are the master of your time and the organizer of the best itineraries of Antalya.

  • Two standard requests for driver - 21 years old and the minimum experience 1 year.
  • You will need a passport, driving license and a credit card.
  • Auto Insurance and taxes included in price
  • Our fleet - a selection of urban runabouts and to full-size 4x4 SUV
  • To travel with the family or for a long trip - comfortable sedans, versatile minivans with folding seats
  • Also sport cars or representative autos, with a combination of luxury and practicality

Car rental in Antalya is in a great demand today.

A trip to Antalya on car rentting from Naniko - Voyage to the history and natural charm!

Turquoise coast of Antalya - Garden of Eden

Rent a car in Antalya - Holidays in Antalya, in addition to a rich history provides the most beautiful coastlines in the world.
On the stretch from Fethiye to Alanya because of the incredible colors, the Mediterranean coast is called the Turquoise Coast.
Many legends tell of the fantastic gardens of Eden in this harmonious succession of bays, inlets and islands, where you can also see the Roman theaters, Byzantine churches, Seljuk fortress and more.
On your car, you are free to stop where you want, contemplating these magnificent landscapes.
To meet the needs of tourists, Antalya offers opportunities for water sports of all kinds, with entertainment, account for every taste.
History, nature and legends in one trip to Antalya
The capital of the eponymous province of Antalya was founded in 159. s. by King Attalos II, who named the city Attaleia. For many years it was occupied by Byzantines and Seljuk's.
Now it is a picturesque town nestled at the foot of the Taurus Mountains and lying on Gulf of Antalya. A city full of charm, in addition to a high level of services.
In the town is worth a visit historic Kaleici: Ottoman houses, surrounded by Roman ruins have been restored and converted into a quaint restaurants.

With a subtropical climate and 300 sunny days a year. Large velvety beaches interspersed with charming hidden coves.
Contours of pine forests, olive groves, avocado and banana plantations that surround the city with ancient soul, with blocks of rich history and tradition.