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Car hire in Turkey with Naniko, from reliable car rental company!

Have you thought about the possibility of an alternative trip to Turkey? Normal stereotype - admire the beauty of Istanbul. In fact, the country can offer so much more.  And for a good start you need to find your auto rental in Turkey of low cost to study Turkey on four wheels.
Acquaintance with ancient places begins with renting a car in Turkey by Naniko

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Turkey has an incredibly rich history. Anatolia, or Asia Minor, has been inhabited since the Neolithic period. The first major empire was created in the eighteenth century BC, the Hittite Empire and lasted until the thirteenth century BC.
What you need to know to driving on Turkish roads
Speed limits are restricted as follows:
In town - 50 km / h, the route - 90 km / h on motorways - 120 km / h.
In large cities like Istanbul ride can be quite difficult because of the chaotic traffic, so better to avoid the city center, park your car in a nearby neighborhood and continue the path by transport to explore the main attractions.
Travel in Turkey is not only cheap, but comfortable; buses connect all towns and villages. You can also travel to international destinations by car.
The main resorts on the Mediterranean are available and provided with airports.

  • Istanbul

To begin with the beauty of the city, a wonderful example of which is the mosque of Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, Suleymaniye and Topkapi Palace. Exciting Area and the Golden Horn with beautiful scenery and area tunnel - the line connecting the underpass, with numerous cafes, trams and antique shops.

  • Izmir

Here you will find many exotic bazaars for your purchases in addition to the beautiful castle of the city and numerous bars that adorn the beautiful promenade.
Izmir is located in western Anatolia, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and is an important port where cruise ships continuously achieve and make it the cornerstone of their tourist destinations, due to its exceptional beauty.

  • Cappadocia

This is an interesting historical region of Turkey, and as the country is very attached to their traditions and customs, there are still all of this is especially felt in the daily life of its inhabitants. Arriving in Cappadocia, impossible to miss a visit to one of the many underground cities located here, or carved into the rock during the Hittites. Car hiring in Turkey from Naniko will helps you.
If you are a lover of history, archeology, nature or just want to relax on the beautiful beaches, rent a car in Turkey from Naniko at your service!