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Uniquely disposed on the Bosphorus Strait, Istanbul embodies the fusion of different cultures. Featuring by ancient and fascinating history, the city provides gaze genuine treasures of foretime.
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Visit Istanbul with a car hire from Naniko and you will discover a lot of wonderful.

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Istanbul - metropolis of constant movement and expansion in the equipoise betwixt contemporaneity and its unique history.

  • The Basilica of St. Sophia


The most impressive building in Istanbul, Hagia Sophia was erected in 527 by edict of Justinian. It was the biggest church until the moment when Sultan Mehmet did not make it into a mosque.

  • Topkapi Palace


It is a historical indwelling place of the sultans built by Mehmet after the Ottoman conquest in 1453. Rich Halls, a beautiful passages of the bay, the invaluable things kept in the Topkapi attract thousands of visitors every day.

  • The Blue Mosque

Undoubtedly, the most beautiful mosques in the world, was built on the orders of Sultan Ahmet I, exactly opposite of Saint Sofia and got its name from the color of thousands of pieces of the mosaic that completely cover the walls.

Extending trip on the Bosporus by boat or ferry, not to be missed while in Istanbul.
Suleiman Mosque which placed on a top of swell of the ground, gives magnificent sceneries of the Bosporus. Apparently, it was .

  • The Grand Bazaar


This is kind of a tourist trap or capture the reality of everyday life. A visit of the Grand Bazaar - the largest and oldest market, is an unforgettable experience. It's kilometers of streets that form a complex labyrinth, full of stores.

  • From Galata Bridge through Taksim Istiklal Caddesi


Reaching the Eminonu district then going through the Galata Bridge, especially beautiful at sunset, connecting the city with suburban Beyoglu. The bridge, with two levels, on the ground floor are numerous restaurants serving seafood dishes.