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Rent a car at Izmir airport with Naniko rental cars

Among the most popular places of car renting is listed airports. Logically it is considered as most efficacious, swift and thrifty way to travel.

It gives the sense of confidence and calm possession, knowing that reserved in advance car hiring from Naniko will awaiting on arrival in Antalya - Airport.

Quickly and safely without  worrying about the transfer or delays in the public transport will achieve to your destination

Car hire in Izmir airport - What is comprised in our rates:

  • Unlimited mileage
  • Full comprehensive insurance and local taxes
  • Help on the road
  • Great prices and excellent service guaranteed!

Agora of Izmir also could be embedded in your route on car rental in Izmir from Naniko, as part of regional antecedent.

Briefly about Izmir Airport

Disposed on the west littoral of Turkey, 18 km from Izmir, officially named in honor of Adnan Menderes.

Metro and buses connect the airport to Izmir, several cities in the area and elsewhere in the south. It is on the road to Selçuk, Ephesus and Pamukkale, easily reachable by car.

The airport has a very well-developed commercial area, with number of restaurants and bars, with more than ninety different kinds of coffee. There is a VIP-hall, the so-called Millennium Lounge and in Orty Airport Hotel has a small parley chamber for business appointments.

In business hotels in Izmir, on the other hand have large conference rooms.

Public comps with internet access and Wi-Fi. Other services at the airport include banks, ATMs, money exchange offices and Muslim prayer halls.

Upon arrival in Izmir, there is no reason for concern as to move along your route. Inside the airport, there are two information offices for the visitor, where you can get general information or concurrency as walking betwixt terminals.
There is also a pedestrian crossing between the local and the international terminal. You can catch some meal and drinks of your choice in a nearby restaurant, which is located in the international departure hall, but if you prefer a light snack, a small fast food outlets is near the exit.

Is interesting to visit the Archaeological Museum of Izmir, in which a numerous of artifacts that have been gathered within the confines of local territories or across the country.

The Marble clock tower, which is visited by many, towering up to 25 feet, can be found in the center of Konrak.