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Visit on car hire from Naniko ruins of the castle, with sweeping views of Izmir

Rent a car in Izmir - Izmir called for centuries Smyrna, probably because of growing up in the area of myrrh trees. Also called the Pearl of the Aegean Sea and, in fact, contains a mixture of ancient traditions and a delicate present, making it a complete multi-ethnic and open city.

In the III centenary BC it was a big shopping center and its port is now the most important commercial port. The territory of Izmir is huge, and the streets are always crowded and chaotic. 
Alsancak district, with ancient name - tip - most popular centers of the city, a meeting place for people, bars, restaurants, and entertainment. Nearby is the famous old train station in Alsancak, which in the old days, tied with Aydin and Izmir.

The coastline that stretches from the harbor to the center, for a distance of about 3 km, rich in greenery, where you can  see people strolling with the dog or just lovers plunge into the sea early. 

City Market Kemeralti has a special charm. Characterized by a series of Ottoman buildings, which is the seat of the commercial activities of various kinds. Is a historical and religious soul of town and attracts tourists from all over the world to wander in the shops of spices, clothing, porcelain, carpets, wood and leather.

In Izmir, at least, 103 caravanserais, all of the Ottoman era, many of which are still functioning. 
Agora - the archaeological area of the city which were born after numerous excavations. Ruins dating from the Roman period, is part of the urban atmosphere, even if fenced and guarded, so converts the place to the Park of history and archeology.

Point, with panoramic views - the castle Kadifekale at height of 186 meters, which is not accessible by bus tour.