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Car Hire at the Airport of Kiev - Borispol from Naniko

Whatever the purpose of your trip to Kiev, given the scale of the city, the most reasonable decision is to ensure a reliable way to move in advance, which gives the possibility of free planning of your visit.
And best of all to organize everything so as to obtain a car for use immediately upon arrival.

In this target an indispensable service you will get from car rental company Naniko at Kiev airport Borispol.

Our web-site with simple reservation enables easy orientation of customers with any questions about our services, auto categories, introduces the available accessories and optional equipment, the need for which may arise depending on the season of the trip.

Do not put off the issue of auto renting on the back burner and organize all with us now!

Kiev Airport - Borispol in a nutshell

Kiev International Airport is named according the town where it is located 29 kilometers from Kiev. This small town Boryspil became famous thanks to the determination of the airport there, which was built to replace another city airport Zhuliany.

Until the 60th, the airport functioned as a military and later became a civilian.
Airport has undergone radical changes after the achievement of independence of state of Ukraine.
Significant reconstruction of the airport was held in 2012 in conjunction with the games of the UEFA Cup.
Terminals D and new - F are in serve of international flights.

After the processes of expansion and renovation, timed to coincide with the European football championship, the airport has available an extensive trade area with restaurants, cafes and bars. For business class passengers have a small hall for press conferences and meetings. Kiev airport is also equipped with access Wi-Fi, banks, exchange offices, ATMs and a post office.

There are two railway stations in Terminal D and the second one is between the two old terminals. The airport is located along the route of M03 and is easily accessible by car or bus.
At the exit from the arrival hall you can find lots of taxi offers, but the cost of services is usually overstated tenfold. And this is another argument in favor of a reasonable rental.
Start to save time and money by using car hired from Naniko immediately upon arrival at the airport of Kiev Boryspil.   

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