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Nowadays, with the assistance of search engines you can find many offers for every service, compare prices and deals on large companies and brokers offering car rental worldwide. But, to choose the most accurate and the most suitable to our requests, always associated with a mass of thoughts, loss of time and effort.

At this time, the fate is in your hands, as you've come and found exactly what you were looking for! - your guarantee of a pleasant trip by auto rented at the airport in Kiev - Zhuliany.
It's very simple:

  • Enter your destination and the date of delivery of the vehicle;
  • Your persona data
  • You will get the list of vehicles with photos and a detailed description; you can choose what is most suitable for you;
  • Within a few seconds you will have an answer and after confirming your choice the affirmation of your order will be transmitted by e-mail.

Kiev Airport – Zhuliany.

Kiev International Airport Zhuliany - one of two airports in the capital of Ukraine. Situated on the southern periphery of the city. Until the sixties, it was the only airport here, but with the designing of a larger - Borispol, its relevance retreated to the second position. At the time of the Soviet Union served only for domestic flights, but with the division of states, thanks to the interest of international airlines, flight schedule and the volume of passenger traffic has increased significantly.

Moving from the international airport Zhuliany toward Kiev is easy thanks to the many lines of buses. There is also a metro, but still do not exist the station at the airport, from the nearest bus stop can be reached by bus.
The passenger terminal is located approximately 500 meters from the train station Kiev-Volyn.
Among the various services, airport Zhuliany offers duty-free shops, cafes, currency exchange, luggage storage and Wi-Fi throughout.

Unfortunately, the parking area inside the terminal is not very large, but is in the process of expanding; nevertheless, it is possible to park your car nearby.


  • Airlines flying to Kiev Zhuliany -17
  • The most popular airline - Wizz Air
  • City, directly related to the airport - 13

The prime service at the most reasonable prices on car hire Naniko at your disposition from the airport to Kiev!

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