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Car rental in Ukraine from Naniko

Car is irreplaceable mean during the tavel. It is a certain degree of freedom even in everyday life, not to mention the moments when you are on vacation; we just do not want any dependence on any conventions routes drawn for us by others and time constraints. We want to move around the country in any direction in full relax.

Therefore, choose the convenience and comfort of renting a vehicle from Naniko in Ukraine!

What is included in the cost of services?

  • All local taxes
  • Comprehensive insurance with liability coverage in a collision, damage and theft of the vehicle.
  • Unlimited mileage; to move without worrying about the distance traveled.
  • 24-hour roadside assistance

Once you've booked your car, get a voucher by email, which containing specific information about everything related to your rental. Keep it to yourself. It also indicates the exact address of the reception and delivery of cars.


A country is rich in stunning natural attractions and great facilities of art.
Among the preferred destination for visitors - St. Sophia Cathedral, the Cathedral of St. Andrew, St. Michael, St. Vladimir's Church and St. Cyril.

Amusing facts about country

  • The oldest recognized constitution in the world was created by Philip Orlik, forthwith after his election as Ataman Zaporozhye troops in 1710. It was for 77 years before the promulgation of the Constitution of the United States.
  • In 1934 at the contest held in Paris, Ukrainian language has been identified in the range of most beautiful languages worldwide after French and Persian.
  • The deepest in the world subway station - Arsenal in Kiev, located at 105 m below ground.
  • The heaviest silver coin in the world, weighing one kilogram is in Ukraine.
  • Traditional Ukrainian women's school uniform - black cotton dress to the knee and on top of a white apron with a belt - it looks like a typical French maid costume, which can be seen at the costume party.
  • One of the most famous exhibits of the Museum of Miniatures in Kiev is the life-size flea in the gold shoes. It was created by Ukrainian artist Mykola Syadristogo.
  • Ukrainian sandwiches manufactured with mayonnaise, served to any meal.
  • In Ukraine, the Christians are strictly forbidden to play cards.
  • One of the Great Russian novelists Mikhail Bulgakov claimed that Kiev is the most beautiful city in the world.
  • The Ukrainian city of Rahim is the geographical center of Europe.


Explore the wonderful country of Ukraine with an auto rental Naniko!

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