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Going to an entertaining ride, it's time to think not only about the convenience of accommodation, but also the means of movement. And many are already well aware that a better idea than a car hire you will not find.

For your convenience, the company Naniko offers a system of online reservations of auto renting in Kiev with guaranteed prices and range of services.

Save yourself from the headache of long searching and just use the one that has already been created for you.

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Ukrainian capital Kiev, numbering 2.6 million of inhabitants, distributed in ten city regions, is between ten largest cities in Europe. City deployed on the banks of the Dnieper River, and is an overriding river port.
Has a very active development of the industry especially in the chemical, mechanical, textile and footwear sectors.
History of Kiev starts from the fifth century, and according to legend, the city was established by the efforts of brothers Kyi, Schek and Horeb. It was the name of one of the brothers which became the appelation of the city.
After pervasive intrusion of the Mongols, in the 11th century, Kiev went through a period of massive expansion.
In the reign of Yaroslav I in the time of Kievan Rus' (1019-1054), was built the St. Sophia Cathedral, is a true museum of Christianity in Ukraine.
Here are kept many important mosaics and frescoes.
Old Town - is the ancient part of the city; here you can see Khreshchatyk - Kiev's main street, with shops of all kinds, and Bessarabian market, with stalls of fruit and vegetables.

Located just south of the Old City, Caves area is a spiritual center, where many churches with labyrinths, storing the mummified remains of monks. There are also many museums and monasteries, including the famous Pechersk Lavra - monastery, founded in 1051 by monks Theodosius and Anton, who lived in caves.

Cathedral of the Assumption of the Baroque style contained of monastery complex, built in the late eleventh century.
Statue of Motherland, which is located at the Museum of the Great War, was built by Eugene Vucetic,
62 meters in height and weighs about 530 tons.

City of centuries-old traditions and inexhaustible interest, Kiev, with generosity and hospitality awaits you with car rental Naniko!

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